About Me

Clinton N. Green

‘course of life’


Name: Clinton N. Green Gender: Male

Birthday: August 7

Hometown: Yulee & Jacksonville, Fl.

Music Influences

Annie P. Green (mom), Pastor Harry J. & Alma Johnson, Johnnie Robinson, Roosevelt Forehand, Jonathan Johnson, Joshua T. Green, Freddie McIntyre, Alonzo Jefferson, Jimmy Hill Sr.,Tojuan Harris, Jamie Johnson, Kevin P. Turner, Dr. Henry Panion III, The UAB Department of Music, Lerel Frederick Jr.,  Derrieux Edgecombe, Ralph Lofton Jr., Aaron Lindsey, Stephen Ford, Kevin Bond, Mike Bereal, Cedric Thompson, Jason White, Stevie Wonder, Chick Corea, Israel Houghton, Fred Hammond and many many others

Personal Interests

Travel, Fishing, Meeting New People, Architecture, Watching Movies, Listening to Music, Drawing/Art


Curriculum Vitae

Hello, I am Clinton Green a musician, music producer, songwriter, born in Jacksonville, FL. and raised just north of there in a small city called Yulee. From the days of beating on my mothers pots and pans pretending to play the drums while watching Hee-Haw or Star Search, (embarrassing but true) to now, I have had a genuine love for music. This love for music has been my constant driving force to practice and continue refining my skills. 

Over the last few years I have come in contact with so many artists, business owners, and music-lovers alike who write songs and jingles and then find themselves unable to take their music to the next level, because they aren't musicians. Confident that I could make a difference, I decided to do something to help. In 2010 I launched “CNGREENMUSIC”. My main purpose is to bridge the gap for those who may be in that situation by providing quality music arranged specifically for anyone’s original lyrics. While, I am not confined to any particular genre of music, my preference is to work with artists, songwriters, and musicians whose songs have a positive message.

By day, I have the privilege of serving as Minister of Music at New Life Interfaith Ministries, Inc. where I lead the music department which services the Ministries two locations; Bessemer & Birmingham, AL. It is there I first begin to hone my musical skills; creating jingles, writing songs etc. I am forever grateful to my pastors George & Judith Matthews, who trust me to carry out the musical arm of the vision.

Making music comes natural for me, in fact I once got an idea for a track while listening to the rhythmic pulse of a ceiling fan. I would like to share this passion for music with the world. I have learned first hand that music can cross all cultural and ethnic boundaries, and bring people together. Thanks to advances in technology I am able to work with clients regardless of location. So, what are you waiting for? It would be my pleasure to assist you by “providing top quality music with a color-blind sound”.